April 12, 2024

Amazing Summer Drinks You Must Drink To Beat the Heat

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Summer Drinks

As the temperature rises, the temperatures start to rise, making everyone sticky and exhausted. To maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit in the midst of all this, staying hydrated is the only thing that is essential. Due to frequent sweating in the summer, especially while travelling, our bodies typically have a tendency to lose water at a significantly faster rate.

While water is crucial for quenching our thirst, it’s also necessary to experiment with various summertime beverages that will keep your body cool. You can really benefit from these liquids and beverages to rehydrate your body. And to help with that, we’ve put together a list of some of the healthiest and most energizing summer Fatz Beverages Menu drinks you can bring with you when travelling!

1. Lemonade

When people talk about summer drinks, lemonade is always the first thing that comes to mind because it is a perennial favorite. It has all the good flavors—tangy, sweet, salty, etc. In India, it is also known as nimbu paani, and just the name conjures up so many happy memories. Lemon juice, sugar, salt, and mint leaves are added to the water to prepare it. To make it tastier, you can also add fresh ingredients like cumin powder, black pepper, etc.

2. Watermelon mint Cooler

One of the best summertime fruits is watermelon, and the juice is far superior. Its hydrating qualities help keep the body hydrated and fresh, and it is wonderfully reviving. Serve as desired and top with sugar, a lemon wedge, and mint leaves if desired.

3. Virgin Mojito

This incredibly simple virgin mojito recipe will satisfy your desires while keeping you cool. Add some lemon juice to a glass, along with some fresh mint leaves. These should be thoroughly blended. Add sparkling water or Sprite now that it is cold. Add three to four mint leaves, extra lemon juice, and ice cubes at this point. Well, combine all the components.

4. Raspberry Frosé

Many begin lamenting the end of summer at this time of year. Have you yet to take that beach vacation? Too many drinks with companions by the pool? The good news is that there is still time to make things right and fully appreciate these final warm days. With the help of this recipe, you can get all the benefits of a fruity, refreshing slushie plus an extra treat. 

That’s true this slushie was made specifically with grownups in mind. The evening is warm and waiting for you, so gets your raspberries and rosé ready!

5. Healthy Palua Drink

This beverage is excellent for your health. Paula is a concoction of ingredients including sugar, jiggery, curd, and cardamom that is renowned for its cooling effects. And this mixture yields a drink that is a remarkable fusion of flavor, good health, and cleanliness. People typically drink this beverage without eating first thing in the morning.

6. Barley Water

An age-old cure for health is barley water you only need pearl barley, salt, water, some honey, and the juice of one lemon to create this elixir.

7. Coconut Water

A cool glass of coconut water will make you feel better right away. Because of its reasonable sugar content and novel flavor, this cocktail is the ideal way to ward off the summertime blues. Because coconut water is an excellent electrolyte, you can drink some of it if you’re feeling dehydrated. Here are two excellent ways to continue getting your daily supply of coconut water even if you are unable to leave the house due to a dangerous scenario.

8. Caramel Apple Sangria

Our thoughts may conjure up images of sweltering summer days spent at an outside café, seeing a fruit-filled glass pitcher perspire in the heat of the sun. Yet, if you prefer the fall or winter and simply cannot wait for the leaves to change colour and the temperature to begin cooling off, here is a seasonal cocktail to keep you occupied till then.

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