June 20, 2024

How to Get Started With Influencers

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influencer marketing

To select bloggers, contact an advertising agency, blogger exchange, or contact bloggers directly. Celebrities are more focused on personal brand advertising, while microbloggers are more product-focused.   

Decide on the platform: each of them has its own specifics. Instagram is suitable for a story about lifestyle products, YouTube for detailed product details, and TikTok for viral videos and short videos. 

Analyze the budget : it is important to discuss the terms of reference, format, timing and cost of publications. Try partnering with multiple influencers with different audiences and posting costs. 

Study the content : check if the blogger is winding up views and likes, ask for personal account statistics. Check if the blogger shares your brand values, analyze audience reactions to past promotional posts and videos. 

Track the conversion: do not forget to count the clients who came from the blogger using UTM tags or promotional codes, after selecting the system for analytics. 

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