June 20, 2024

Marketing in the new reality: where to leave Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

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What sites and services are blocked? Where to transfer advertising budgets? Where to post content? How to save data? Great breakdown of changes.

Since March 24, 2022, some services and platforms for promotion do not work with users. Some sites are blocked: it is impossible to use them without a VPN. Here are the main events for mid-March:

  • Blocked Facebook and Instagram;
  • Meta disabled ads for companies on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Google stopped advertising in Russia on all its sites, including YouTube;
  • TikTok disabled the ability for users to post new content, closed access to foreign content for Russia, and disabled advertising in Russia.

We figure out what marketers should do in this situation.

  • How to work with Direct and what to expect from auctions after stopping advertising on Google
  • What to do with video content if TikTok is closed and there are no ads on YouTube
  • Where to leave Facebook and Instagram and is it worth it
  • Which marketing services no longer work and  how to save data  from the rest

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