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The 25th Island of Greece – Everything You Need to Know Is Inside!

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25th island of greece

The modest yet popular tourist site of 25th island of greece. The island is also noted for its cheese and the fact that the locals speak an old Greek dialect that is not spoken anywhere else in Greece and is not documented.

We’ll show everyone what there is to see on Greece’s 25th Island, where you can stay overnight, and also what tourists do when they aren’t sunbathing on Thailand’s beaches or cruising around Greece in this article.

25th Island Of Greece:

It is renowned as the ‘Island of Blue Cheeses,’ and its name is Vliopouli. Before entering the water, this 25th Greek island was a peninsula, but it has been enjoying its natural beauty ever since. It is approximately 1.5 kilometers long and takes 10 to 20 minutes to walk around on foot.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and it is reported that a temple was built there throughout antiquity. It is still there, but the sea has destroyed it. Vliopouli residents refer to the temple as “Argyros Monastery.”

On the island, there are no hotels, although travelers can stay in private homes or local guesthouses. Prices are generally far lower than those found at a beach resort. There is a tiny beach with water the color of the Aegean Sea and a great view for people who want to relax.

The island has only one shop, which contains all of the essentials, while there are smaller shops strewn about. There are other places to eat and drink, as well as modest cafes where beer enthusiasts may relax and enjoy themselves.

What is the 25th island of greece?

The cheese produced on the island is also well-known. Artisan cheese is prepared by hand and is one of the few items that can only be found in Greece. Locals refer to their cheese as ‘Perdikia’ (which means flower) and ‘Manouri.’ We’ll call them the ‘blue cheese’ and the ‘cheese of the shepherd’, respectively, in this essay. Sheep’s milk is used to make the blue cheese. The area’s pasturelands are lush with grass, making it perfect for sheep.

The cheese is created according to an old family recipe, with milk obtained from grass-growing areas. This milk goes through a lengthy procedure before becoming a platter of blue cheese with a sour flavor. It contains approximately 4% alcohol.

The shepherd’s cheese, on the other hand, is prepared from goat and sheep milk, but it has a considerably stronger flavor. According to some experts, it may be the only cheese in Greece with high-fat content.

Honey is another well-known product on Greece’s 25th island. Locals visit to collect honey, which is used in a variety of goods such as pies and pastries. Locals were once known for drinking honey from their bees.

Even though the exact date of its founding is unknown, the island has been populated since prehistoric times. It is reported that a temple was constructed there during antiquity. Although the sea has destroyed it, residents still refer to it as ‘Argyron Monastery.’

Eliopoulos, which means “people of the foot” in ancient Greek, is the name of the island. This name comes from an old legend about the people of Vliopouli not having any feet. When asked where they come from, they respond with “the people of the feet.”

What is the location of Vliopouli?

Vliopouli is a Greek island located between Skiathos and Skopelos in the Aegean Sea. It’s also close to Tinos and Andros. The island is only 1.5 kilometers long and takes 10 to 20 minutes to stroll around.

Some interesting facts regarding Greece’s 25th island

  1. The population of Greece’s 25th island is barely 350 people. It is, nonetheless, a famous tourist site since the residents speak an old Greek dialect that is unique to Greece. Vliopouli’s dialect is highly old and not part of the standard Greek language.
  2. Another surprising truth about the island is that it has its version of Google Maps. Visitors can use an online map to get around the island, but there is no way to cross above it. This is due to the fact that the locals dwell in an area known as ‘Ano Vliopouli,’ which means ‘Upper Vliopouli.’
  3. This small island stands out from the rest of Greece in many ways. It is not written, for example, and no one speaks normal Greek or even English there. The residents solely speak an ancient dialect that is not included in the mainstream Greek language.
  4. Agriculture and tourism are the island’s principal industries. Although the island has had no significant industry, its location in the Aegean Sea makes it well-known among tourists who appreciate marine travel. There are numerous restaurants and guest homes where visitors can stay overnight.
  5. This small population contrasts with what we see on tourist maps of Greece in many ways. There are no hotels on the island, and the population is small. People there live in little houses and farms, so if you don’t want to bother with major towns, this could be a lovely area to stay overnight.

Vliopouli is Greece’s 25th largest island, yet it has a lot to offer its visitors. It’s also worth noting that this is Greece’s 25th island. The inhabitants are proud of their cheese and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them. It is worthwhile to spend the night there and take in the beauty, which includes a beach, a desert, and several lush forests.

Which Greek island is the most beautiful?

If you’ve ever visited Greece, you’ll know that several great Greek islands are all equally stunning. There are, however, some that are more well-known than others.Thousands of tourists visit Mykonos and Santorini each year, for example.

1. Santorini 

Santorini is perhaps the most famous of all Greek islands, and it is on most tourists’ bucket lists.This small island in the Aegean Sea provides an experience as well as a plethora of beautiful sights for your camera to capture. The Cycladic architecture with whitewashed roofs, blue domes, and small windows with linked walls distinguishes this island from the others. Furthermore, volcanic landscapes dominate the island, making it much more intriguing and gorgeous from above. This island, without a doubt, enchants visitors with its breathtaking beauty and is a must-see for anybody visiting Greece.

2. Rhodes

Rhodes is a popular vacation destination and one of Greece’s most visited islands. It is the Dodecanese archipelago’s largest island. The island is famed for its beautiful communities, landscapes, and, most significantly, historical sites, in addition to its sandy beaches and warm waters. Medieval castles with towering walls, Byzantine churches, and magnificent residences are among the ancient landmarks connected by stone-paved alleys. As a result, it appears as if you have journeyed back in time to the age of knights.

3. Corfu

Corfu is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, boasting some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. Because it is located inside the Ionian Sea, which is known for its crystal clear waters, you should definitely visit this island.

4. Mykonos

Because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, Mykonos stands out among the other Greek islands. This is due to its fantastic beaches, breathtaking vistas, and uncrowded locations, all of which are ideal for unwinding and spending quality time with friends or family.

5. Crete

Another popular island is Crete, sometimes known as the “Island of Beauty.” It, therefore, has some of Greece’s most magnificent beaches, sceneries, and tourist attractions. Even though it shares its borders with Turkey, it remains one of Greece’s most interesting islands.

6. Lesbos

Lesbos has been inhabited since at least 1650 B.C.It is well-known for its stunning surroundings and stunning beaches. The Plaka, Mytilini, and Molyvos are just a few of the places on this island worth seeing.

7. Corcyra (Corfu)

You should visit this island during the summer to appreciate its real splendor. Hundreds of tourists go to the area during this time too enjoy the warm water and beautiful scenery. You will be ready to see at its best if you visit in the winter.

8. Samos

This island is one of the most well-known Greek islands since it has some of Greece’s most gorgeous beaches as well as numerous archaeological monuments worth visiting.

9. Ithaka (Ionian Islands)

Ithaka is a well-known island due to the numerous legends associated with it and its surroundings.

10. Zakynthos

This island, also known as Zante, is famed for its stunning beaches and a small pyram-shaped peak. It is regarded as one of Greece’s most fascinating islands.

There are many other beautiful Greek islands to explore on your vacation in Greece, but these ten are undoubtedly the most beautiful.

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