June 20, 2024

What to Wear With a Long Dress

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long dress

How to introduce this piece of clothing into your everyday wardrobe so that the bows are fashionable and modern.

Many girls often refuse to buy a long dress, considering it exclusively as an evening wear option. However, both designers and fashion influencers have long proven otherwise. The photos of the strip-style chronicles clearly demonstrate that long dresses can be worn by both tall girls and owners of short stature. Girls wear them not only for official evening events, but also in everyday life, at fashion shows, on vacation in warm countries.

We will share some trendy combinations that you can take note of and experiment with your style.

What to wear with a long knitted dress

his option is perfect for autumn and winter. Designers offer many options for knitted and knitted dresses , which will be warm in the cold season.

To create a fashionable image, you first need to choose the current model. We advise you to choose options from natural quality materials, such as wool or cashmere. If you want to buy just a knitted dress, then make sure that its fabric is dense, otherwise it will emphasize figure flaws.

In winter, wear a long knitted dress with thick tights and high accordion boots or over the knee boots. Also, as shoes, you can choose tight-fitting pointed ankle boots or high urban sneakers . On top, put on an oversized coat , a warm scarf and a large-knit hat.

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